9 sentences with 'leg'

Example sentences and phrases with the word leg and other words derived from it.

« Another symptom of heart problems can be cramps in the leg muscles during exercise. This happens because the blood supply is significantly reduced. »
« Generally, most attention is paid to leg and lower body work. But don't forget the upper body, which is the one that sets the position of the body. »
« Stairs (warm-up): Climb a bench or step with your right leg, bending it so that your knee is over the arch of your foot. Now raise your left leg. Then lower the right and then the left. Do not hit the floor. »
« After one set, start again with the left leg. »
« Repeat this movement until one set is complete, then start again with the left leg. »
« The man who answered the newspaper ad for an experienced boat captain had a wooden leg, a hook and an eye patch. »
« -How did you lose your leg? // I was blown off by a cannonball, and now I wear a peg leg. »
« They did, however, manage to lift Captain Lancaster's right leg, thus removing the pressure it was exerting against the left control column of the aircraft, which alleviated, in part at least, one of the co-pilot's problems in controlling the aircraft. But the captain's left leg was still stuck. »
« I was so happy that I lifted my leg as high as I could, fell and hit the edge of the tub. »
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