6 sentences with 'legacy'

Example sentences and phrases with the word legacy and other words derived from it.

« Thanks to Manrique, Lanzarote retains a fresh and natural atmosphere; but the artist's legacy is in danger. »
« Thanks to the formidable legacy of the mummies, we now know what kind of diseases afflicted the legendary people who lived on the banks of the Nile; we also know what their systems of cure were. »
« So, while the Greco-Roman legacy was undoubtedly an important factor in the development of the idea of Western civilisation much later, "Roman" was certainly not the same as "Western" at the time. »
« The most important historical legacy of the Ur III dynasty was its complex system of bureaucracy, which was more effective in governing conquered cities than Sargon's rule had been. »
« However, Phoenician trade was not the most important legacy of their society. Instead, of their various achievements, none was to have a more lasting influence than their writing system. »
« The great legacy of Greek art lies in its celebration of perfection and balance: the human body in its perfect state, perfect symmetry in buildings and balance in geometric forms. »

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