6 sentences with 'legacies'

Example sentences and phrases with the word legacies and other words derived from it.

« Of all the legacies of Judaism, this may be the most important, although it would take until the modern era for political movements to take up the idea of essential equality and translate it into a concrete social, legal and political system. »
« By contrast, the Greek approach to philosophy, theatre, history, scientific thought and art remained living legacies even after the Classical Age came to an end. »
« Also, one of the legacies of feudal law was the importance placed on honour and retribution; any insult or slight could initiate reprisals or even plunge an entire kingdom into civil war. »
« Stalin is a far more enigmatic figure than Hitler, to whom he is often compared thanks to their respective legacies of mass murder. »
« Contemporary Europe struggles with the legacies of the post-war period. »
« Politically and socially, one of the most difficult legacies of the post-war years has been immigration. »

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