8 sentences with 'legendary'

Example sentences and phrases with the word legendary and other words derived from it.

« Ford was an inspired composer, an original American, a legendary hero whose "car for the people" put the world on wheels. »
« The legendary Chakara of India was the best compiler of Ayurveda, the pseudoscience that seeks to eliminate impurities to avoid illnesses. »
« Chinese and Ayurvedic medicine are disciplines that have legendary but different origins and are based on the best use of universal energy and on the acute observation of man's nature. »
« This legendary figure lived in the 5th century B.C. and most of his work was destroyed in the 15th century due to political problems. »
« Even more legendary is the smoking habit: the hookah, or traditional Indian water pipe used to burn marijuana, is related to the Arabic hookah used to smoke tobacco but also haschisch. »
« There are the legendary sleep phenomena of sleepwalking, nightmares and night terrors. »
« In ancient chronicles, Atlantis is mentioned as a legendary civilisation, knowledgeable in the arcana of science and astrology, and is credited with feats that are nothing short of unbelievable. »
« In Likua, 190 kilometers northwest of Jamba, General Altino Sapalalo, a legendary warrior who lost an arm in combat, ran a vast supply network with 1,000 heavy trucks, many of them taken from the enemy. »

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