8 sentences with 'legends'

Example sentences and phrases with the word legends and other words derived from it.

« Myths and legends, stories that circulated by word of mouth through the centuries and that mark the beginning of thermalism or therapy with medicinal mineral waters for mankind. »
« Among all the speculations and legends about the past, few mysteries capture the attention of scientists and people in general more than the mythical lost continent known to this day as Atlantis. »
« Such legends abounded in ancient Greece and neighbouring countries. »
« Some Eskimo legends refer to certain ancestors who transformed themselves into celestial stars; others speak of heroes who eternally dance in the northern lights, but the general belief is that most spirits went to a great underworld where life less blissful than on Earth continued. »
« They also bear the imprint of earlier traditions: many stories in the Hebrew Bible are taken from earlier Mesopotamian legends. »
« According to Roman legends, the Etruscans ruled the Romans from sometime in the 8th century BC until 509 BC. During that time, the Etruscans organised them to fight as a phalanx in the Greek lines. »
« In 509 BC. (according to their own legends), the Romans overthrew the last Etruscan king and established a fully republican form of government, with elected senators making all major political decisions. »
« Finland's great epic story, the Kalevala, was written by a Finnish intellectual in 1827; it was based on real Finnish legends, but had never existed as a long story before. »

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