7 sentences with 'legend'

Example sentences and phrases with the word legend and other words derived from it.

« It was he who proposed the legend to be inscribed on the headstone of the Sacrifice in each cemetery: »
« But behind the legend was a complex personality, in which the noble visionary and the stubborn eccentric were both dominant. »
« But what is behind the legend? »
« According to legend, Osiris was killed by his brother Set and resurrected by his two sisters, Isis and Nephthys. He came back to life and became the ruler of the other world. »
« The cults of Orpheus and Dionysus and the mysteries of Attis and Adonis share the same basis in legend: death and rebirth. »
« According to one legend, St. Ursula, daughter of a Christian king of Great Britain, was asked in marriage by a pagan. »
« The Greek legend of the labyrinth, the great maze in which a bull-headed monster called the Minotaur roamed, was probably based on the size and confusion of these Minoan complexes. »

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