5 sentences with 'legion'

Example sentences and phrases with the word legion and other words derived from it.

« To this must be added the legion of "passive smokers", those condemned to inhale the smoke expelled by others. »
« From the Augustan period onwards, the essential division in the Roman army was the legion, a self-sufficient army in its own right that could combine with other legions to form a large-scale invasion force, but which could also operate on its own. »
« During the Augustan period, each legion consisted of 5,400 infantry and 120 cavalry, along with hundreds of specialists such as engineers, arrow makers and blacksmiths who enabled the legion to operate independently as they travelled. »
« Roman legions were designed to be flexible, adaptable and 'standardised': each legion was comparable in its organisation, right down to the pitching of tents in camps built at the end of each day while the legion was on the march. »
« Finally, although the army itself was now larger, Diocletian reduced the individual legions, so that the commander of each legion no longer had enough power to take over with a single attack on the current emperor (this worked well enough for Diocletian himself, but made little difference in the long run). »
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