11 sentences with 'legions'

Example sentences and phrases with the word legions and other words derived from it.

« Despite the prevailing economic uncertainty, legions of employees like Paul are getting promotions at their companies. Today, people advance because they bring more to the company in their new position than they did in their old one. »
« Wars were annual: with very few exceptions over the centuries Roman legions marched to conquer new territories every year. »
« The Roman legions defeated the Macedonian forces without much trouble in 196 BC and then, perhaps surprisingly, departed, having fulfilled their stated aim of defending Greek independence. »
« After the Italian revolt of 88-84 BC, the Assembly took command from General Lucius Cornelius Sulla of the Roman legions fighting the Parthians and gave it to Gaius Marius in exchange for his support for the emancipation of the people of the Italian cities. »
« Only one major failure marred his reign: three legions (perhaps as many as 20,000 soldiers) were destroyed in a gigantic ambush in the forests of Germania in 9 CE, halting any attempt to expand Roman power beyond the Rhine and Danube rivers. »
« The fact that he personally led the legions in major military campaigns ended his reign in the military glory expected of an emperor following Flavian rule, but he was remembered at least as well for his skill as a leader in peacetime. »
« The two main rivers, the Rhine and the Danube, were the main dividing lines north of Rome, with Roman legions maintaining permanent fortifications there. »
« Finally, although the army itself was now larger, Diocletian reduced the individual legions, so that the commander of each legion no longer had enough power to take over with a single attack on the current emperor (this worked well enough for Diocletian himself, but made little difference in the long run). »
« Before that event, the Roman legions were already losing their former coherence and unity. »
« Around 400 AD, the Romans left Britain. Their legions were needed to help defend the Roman heartland and Britain had always been an imperial frontier, with too few Romans to fully settle and 'civilise' it outside southern England. »
« The hardest workers of all, however, were probably the legions of domestic servants who worked in the homes of others. »
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