7 sentences with 'green'

Example sentences and phrases with the word green and other words derived from it.

« They were a very unpleasant pale green. »
« Stephanie McCue had green eyes, curly blonde hair, and was a sophomore in high school. »
« He had a target on top of one of the green metal filing cabinets in his office, and sometimes he'd pull a pistol off the desk for sudden target practice. »
« Mr. Martin looked at her without answering from under his green visor. »
« The only thing left to do is to place the lobster medallions delicately on the green mattress and pour the warm and flavored sauce on top, without forgetting to sprinkle with sweet paprika. »
« In an iron pan and olive oil I sautéed a green onion and chopped garlic (do not forget to remove the green shoot before chopping); when they were transparent I added the turkey meat cut into 2 cm. cubes and cooked for 3 minutes stirring the cubes. »
« Suddenly startled, my brother and I stare at the green panorama. »
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