6 sentences with 'greatness'

Example sentences and phrases with the word greatness and other words derived from it.

« Herodotus also raised questions of continuing relevance about the meeting of different cultures; despite the greatness of his own civilisation, he was genuinely concerned with the question of whether one set of beliefs and practices (i.e. culture) could be "better" than another. »
« The war was a terrible tragedy, Thucydides wrote, because Athens became so power-hungry that it sacrificed its own greatness in the pursuit of more power and wealth. »
« Petrarch was responsible for the very idea of the "Middle Ages" that had separated his own age from the greatness of the classical past. »
« Careless and lazy, but convinced from adolescence of his own greatness, Hitler invented the idea that the rejection was not due to his own lack of talent, but to a dark conspiracy seeking to undermine his rise to prominence. »
« The first groups to be enraptured by Hitler's impromptu speeches about German greatness and the Jewish (and Slavic) danger were his fellow hostel guests. »
« People celebrated the transformation of the wilderness into an orderly and improved world that demonstrated the steady march of progress and the greatness of the republic. »

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