6 sentences with 'greatest'

Example sentences and phrases with the word greatest and other words derived from it.

« He was a brilliant student, and his greatest ambition was to travel throughout the United States. »
« Once baptized, he became one of the greatest Christian missionaries of all time. »
« A better life for the children was the greatest wish of Nenita and her husband, who had to work hard to keep them in school and take them to mass at the church in the village of Divina Colonia, five kilometres away. »
« The Egyptians were the greatest practitioners of aromatherapy, or the art of making and using perfumes, ointments and oils. Evidence of this skill comes from archaeological finds. »
« At that time, rhythmic gymnastics was also gaining ground. One of its greatest exponents was the German Rudolf Bode, famous for his creative work in dance and expressive gymnastics. »
« This formidable Hellenic civilisation was also the birthplace of two of the greatest fathers of medicine: Hippocrates and Galen. »

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