6 sentences with 'greater'

Example sentences and phrases with the word greater and other words derived from it.

« The larger the prostate, the greater the intensity of the radiation must be to destroy the tumor. »
« It should be noted that the damage caused by tobacco is even greater in the case of indirect smoke, the smoke that floods the air from the end of the cigarette, as combustion is greater and the resulting spectrum of carcinogenic tars is proportionally greater. »
« There was no greater glory for young sportsmen than to triumph in one of the Olympic Games' contests: the greatest poets sang the praises of this feat. »
« Upheavals are sometimes the agent of greater opportunity. »
« Despite many scientific discoveries about the importance of exercise, and a greater public interest in physical fitness than ever before, few people regularly engage in vigorous bodily exercise. What's the difficulty? »
« It is also likely that the difficult conditions in Greece helped the Mycenaeans to be so warlike, as they attacked each other and their neighbours in search of greater wealth and opportunity. »

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