7 sentences with 'greed'

Example sentences and phrases with the word greed and other words derived from it.

« Roman soldiers were inspired by sincere greed, as well as by the enormous cultural importance attached to the attainment of military glory. »
« According to Athanasius, normal life was full of temptation, greed and sin, and that the holiest life was therefore one that rejected it completely in favour of prayer and meditation away from human company. »
« An introspective man who detested greed and corruption, Muhammad was in the habit of retiring to the hills near Mecca, where there was a cave in which he camped and meditated. »
« Columbus ended up spearheading everything the Spanish empire was to represent in the Americas: brutality against the native "Indians", attempts to convert the Indians by force, intense greed for precious metals and the introduction of pathogens against which the natives had no resistance. »
« The 95 Protestant Theses were relatively moderate in tone. They attacked indulgences for leading to greed rather than piety, for leading the laity to distrust the Church, and for simply not working - they did not, Luther argued, absolve the sins of those who bought them. »
« And, while criticising the Pope's wealth and (implicit) greed, Luther did not attack the office of the papacy itself. »
« Since Christians were forbidden to lend money at interest until the late Middle Ages, stereotypes of Jewish greed stemmed from the fact that money lending was one of the only trades Jews could engage in. »
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