6 sentences with 'grain'

Example sentences and phrases with the word grain and other words derived from it.

« Around 1050 BC, two of the victims of the collapse, the New Kingdom of Egypt and the Hittite Empire, left clear indications in their records that drought had undermined their grain stores and social stability. »
« Based on a precedent originally established by the Gracchi during the Republic, the imperial state distributed free grain (and, later, wine and olive oil) to the male citizens of the city of Rome. »
« The city of Constantinople grew to become one of the great cities of late antiquity and the Middle Ages, fuelled by grain from Egypt and bringing enormous wealth through trade. »
« The difference in speed between grinding grain by hand and using a mill was dramatic: it could take almost a day to grind enough flour to make bread for a family, but a mill could grind fifty pounds of grain in less than half an hour. »
« To cite just one example, the price of grain rose by 630% in England over the course of the sixteenth and early seventeenth centuries, driving peasants on the brink of subsistence to even greater despair. »
« Rumours spread among the peasants that the nobles were hoarding grain reserves, driving up prices and starving the peasants into submission. »

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