7 sentences with 'grabbed'

Example sentences and phrases with the word grabbed and other words derived from it.

« In desperation, he grabbed his goat's foot, a tool that has a hook and is used to pull out nails. »
« Diego grabbed a fire extinguisher and smothered the flames while I steered the boat toward a fishing vessel that was tied to a concrete pillar on the muddy shore. »
« He grabbed a piece of wood and used it as leverage, but that didn't work either. »
« Henry grabbed an axe, smashed the door frame, knocked down several rows of bricks, and at last the machine was able to get through. »
« Finally, he went to the left side of the car, reached out his hands, grabbed the hatch and ... bang, he popped it all the way off! I don't know how he did it! »
« Once all her siblings were safe, Rona grabbed a plastic bucket, ran to a nearby stream and returned to the house to throw water on the flames again and again. Finally she could take no more, and collapsed face down on the smouldering, smouldering rubble. »
« Susan barely turned to look at her little girl when suddenly a cougar grabbed the little girl by the head and began dragging her away. »

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