5 sentences with 'grab'

Example sentences and phrases with the word grab and other words derived from it.

« And hunger made her grab a can of cream of asparagus. »
« The Seven Years' War began when Prussia attempted a blatant land grab from Austria, which quickly led to the involvement of the other Great Powers. »
« Thus, in a collective grab of African land, European states emerged from the Conference with the intention of taking over an entire continent. »
« Saddam Hussein, the military leader at the head of the Baath Party, launched the Iran-Iraq war as a simple territorial grab. The US supported both sides during the war at different times, despite its stated opposition to the Iranian regime. »
« In the cockpit, Rogers strapped himself into the safety harness on the folding seat behind the captain's station. Leaning forward, he managed to grab Captain Lancaster's ankle and pull his right leg free from the controls, but then, horrified, he felt the captain slide another six inches out of the aircraft. The entire trunk of his body was now outside the aircraft. »

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