Sentences with 'graces'

Example sentences and phrases with the word graces and other words derived from it.

« However, it was generally possible for a country to fight for its independence and remain in the good graces of the USSR (as in the case of Egypt) without openly embracing communism, while it was impossible for a country to embrace socialism and remain aloof from the US thanks to the Truman Doctrine, which committed the US to armed intervention in the event of a communist-backed uprising. »
« No. It is but by perfecting all those feminine graces, all those fascinating attributes, which make her the centre of attraction, and which delight and charm all who breathe the atmosphere in which she moves; and, in Mr. Burke's language, would make ten thousand swords leap from their sheaths to avenge the insult that might be offered her. By her very meekness and beauty she subdues all around her. »

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