7 sentences with 'grace'

Example sentences and phrases with the word grace and other words derived from it.

« She can, and does... with grace, elegance and her own special brand of charm and generosity. »
« Around 1510, Martin Luther began to explore a possible answer to this dilemma: the idea that salvation came not from works, but from God's grace, boundless love and forgiveness, which could be achieved only through faith. »
« If God was all-powerful and all-knowing, and chose to extend his grace to some people but not to others, Calvin reasoned, it was folly to imagine that humans could somehow influence him. Not only was the Catholic insistence on good works wrong, but the very idea of free will in the face of divine intelligence could not be right. »
« In the 18th century, the nobility actively cultivated learning and social grace, harking back to the glory days of the Renaissance courtier and bypassing the relatively crude period of the religious wars. »
« I watched her brown arms cut through the water with grace and energy. I swam hurriedly after her, but my strength gave out and she had to help me climb onto the platform when I was almost drowning. »
« Calvinists believed that reading the scriptures prepared sinners, if they were among the elect, to receive God's grace. »
« One such writer, Thomas Roderick Dew, president of the College of William and Mary in Virginia in the mid-nineteenth century, wrote approvingly of the virtue of Southern women, a virtue he concluded derived from their natural weakness, piety, grace, and modesty. In her Dissertation on the Characteristic Differences between the Sexes, she writes that Southern women derive their power not from leading armies into combat, or from enabling them to carry into more formidable action the physical power which nature has conferred upon them. »

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