6 sentences with 'grade'

Example sentences and phrases with the word grade and other words derived from it.

« On the way to the top grade in the humanities, we had a couple of routine interviews, but when she finished her bachelor's degree, I was still Mr. Barth, and she was still Miss Rosenberg. »
« She never told me about the time, when she was in sixth grade, that she broke her legs while skiing, or that her father had to carry her around in his arms for months on end. »
« -But, Dad," my son instantly protested, "that car isn't even worth a good grade. »
« Ms. Perez was in the fifth grade when she returned home one day to find her mother and her four siblings sitting in the street. They had been thrown out. »
« When Steve Wurfel started sixth grade at a new school for him, he felt very lonely; his best friends were enrolled elsewhere. »
« A friend of mine, a first grade teacher, went on a field trip with her group of students. »

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