Sentences with 'terrace'

Example sentences and phrases with the word terrace and other words derived from it.

« It is a splendid hotel, which has a huge roofed terrace with lots of old fans and lots of mouse chairs. »
« In the past, people used to sit for long periods of time. Walking down the street or driving down a road, you saw more than one person sitting on their terrace. You could go to the grocery shop and sit on the bench outside. In the mechanic's shop there were straight-backed chairs, and there, among oil cans and wiper blades, you could sit and rest. »
« One morning last autumn, I sat on the terrace of a hotel in Portlligat, the village at the easternmost tip of Spain, watching the dawn sun work its magic on the crescent moon-shaped inlet at my feet. » - 1998 - 2022