5 sentences with 'terrestrial'

Example sentences and phrases with the word terrestrial and other words derived from it.

« The 20th century was the last essentially terrestrial century. In the 21st century, if human numbers continue to grow as ferociously as they are today, we will have to become a people-exporting planet. »
« But, as we have seen here, there is an important group of living things that have not needed to modify any of their original characteristics to survive millions of years of changes in the terrestrial environment: there they are, just as you would have observed them in any prehistoric sunset. »
« Collect terrestrial and shore-zone plants and animals in plastic bags to be placed in the terrarium and lumbricarium. »
« What forms does the terrestrial relief take? »
« It will be very useful to explore the life of terrestrial organisms in their own environment. To do this, we can go on a field trip, where there are terrestrial and aquatic areas. »
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