6 sentences with 'terribly'

Example sentences and phrases with the word terribly and other words derived from it.

« To wit: the Christian Bible is full of parables, stories and accounts of events that are often terribly difficult to interpret. »
« Despite these advances, European understanding of geography remained very shaky. From 1400 onwards, Europeans had a terribly inaccurate knowledge of the rest of the world. Of course, they knew nothing about the Americas. »
« It is always terribly difficult to reconcile one's own desires and the requirements of socialisation (of living in a society with its own rules and laws) and this inevitably leads to inner conflict. Thus, people form defence systems that may protect their emotions in the short term, but which return later in life to cause unhappiness and alienation. »
« The result is that it is terribly difficult for countries with weaker economies such as Spain, Italy or Greece to maintain or restore economic stability. »
« As the group also settled down to rest, I overheard one of them say that it was terribly hot and then ask one of his companions if he would like a cold beer. »
« Frank beckoned me to stand for a picture, and I took one last look at Lincoln's face: it looked alive and terribly sad. »

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