8 sentences with 'territories'

Example sentences and phrases with the word territories and other words derived from it.

« The Romans, for example, extended the practice of thermalism to all the territories they conquered. Around the steaming wells they erected sumptuous buildings and created the famous baths of Nero, Titus, Caracalla and Diocletian, among others. »
« Over the following centuries, the Kassites ruled successfully over Babylon and the surrounding territories, and the entire region enjoyed a period of prosperity. »
« While Assyria in northern Mesopotamia survived the collapse, it lost its territories in the south to Elan, a warlike kingdom based in present-day southern Iran. »
« All territories conquered by the Assyrians were obliged to provide annual tribute of wealth in precious metals and to trade in goods that financed the state and the military. »
« They were so preoccupied with maintaining control of territories that they were hesitant to participate in military campaigns of any kind, and therefore rarely engaged in battles against other polis before the outbreak of war against Athens in the 4th century BC. »
« In turn, the Medes ruled a collection of closely related clans known as the Persians, who would go on to rule territories far beyond the heart of Iran. »
« By 450 BCE, one third of the population of Athens and its territories consisted of slaves. »
« It proved impossible in the long run for the Seleucid kings to hold on to the full extent of the territories originally conquered by Alexander the Great. »

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