7 sentences with 'terrible'

Example sentences and phrases with the word terrible and other words derived from it.

« It was obvious to her that something terrible was wrong with me or someone very close to me. »
« -I have seen terrible things in hospitals. I'm not squeamish; I just have an irrational fear of epidural anesthesia. »
« "It's terrible the mortality of rare birds," Carlos observes, "but usually the population recovers with the survivors." »
« Then, a terrible pang gripped his chest. »
« A second later he heard a terrible rumble. Amidst the screeching of the brakes, the 3000 horsepower locomotive crushed the car as if it had been a can of sardines instead of a car, and pushed it over the track for more than 300 meters. The three girls died instantly. »
« There were also terrible things that I would not know how to face, like watching a ten-year-old boy die of tetanus. »
« True, I go out riding from time to time, but the terrible thing is that I often end up on the ground. »

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