7 sentences with 'terrifying'

Example sentences and phrases with the word terrifying and other words derived from it.

« Without her, my wife, my nightmare would have been much more terrifying, which is why I wanted to dedicate this story to her. »
« The boulder emitted a sort of groan, which was followed by the terrifying sound of rocks moving against each other. The jack could not safely lift the boulder. »
« The boulder produced a terrifying noise as it slowly swayed. »
« Outside the lands that would eventually become Russia, the Vikings were universally regarded as a terrifying threat, not least because of their staunch paganism and their rapacious treatment of Christians. »
« In each case, the artist Gustav Klimt created terrifying images in which the nominal subject matter was somehow present, but was overshadowed by the grotesque depiction of how it was carried out or how its subject matter was not adequately addressed. »
« He then started working in a coal mine and resumed his terrifying cat-and-mouse game with me. »
« It is terrifying to think that so much effort of knowledge and research has as its final destination the perfection of war. »

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