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Example sentences and phrases with the word terracotta and other words derived from it.

« An army buried more than two thousand years ago, consisting of almost six thousand warriors with horses and chariots, was found near the present-day village of Sian in the Shensi region, southwest of Beijing. The warriors and horses are in excellent condition for one simple reason: they are made of terracotta, not flesh and blood, even though they are of normal size and sometimes even larger. »
« So far only a few hundred terracotta objects have been extracted, but a proportional calculation based on the vastness of the archaeological area is possible to imagine the dimensions of the find. »
« The terracotta army is arranged in the order of war: a vanguard, in a main body with two formations on either side, and a rearguard. The men and horse-drawn chariots were lined up in perfect rows, as if about to engage in battle. »
« But apart from these fixed characters, we find as early as the eleventh century in China the first movable characters made in terracotta and pasted on plates with resin: our Gutenberg was preceded by about four hundred years. Unlike paper, however, printing did not come to Europe by import, but was born there as an independent invention. »
« The monks had to leave the monastery, but before leaving, they stored the sacred texts in terracotta amphorae and took them to the desert grottoes. They hoped to recover them when the war was over, but they were only found two thousand years later. »
« A number of terracotta statuettes depict human figures with highly stylised features. The most notable is a beardless male figurine with a well-modelled face and hair, his arms raised, perhaps as a sign of dance or prayer. »
« There were also a number of female statuettes in terracotta that reflect the cult of fertility and are linked to the figure of Bes, the great patron god. »
« There are also private dwellings and craft workshops where bronze, iron and terracotta were worked. »

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