7 sentences with 'acceptance'

Example sentences and phrases with the word acceptance and other words derived from it.

« Zoroastrianism, however, declined in the long run. The first generations of Muslim rulers accepted Zoroastrians as people of the Book like Jews and Christians, but that acceptance atrophied over time. »
« Some educated European Jews concluded that the quest not only for legal equality but also for cultural acceptance was doomed given the strength and virulence of anti-Semitism in European culture, and began a new political movement to establish a Jewish homeland in the historic region of ancient Israel. »
« Likewise, the youth movement's focus on social justice would gain momentum in the following decades, leading to the flourishing of second-wave feminism, anti-racist movements and a broad (though far from universal) acceptance of multiculturalism and the mixing of cultures. »
« Rosas made his acceptance of the governorship conditional on the people being consulted, i.e. a plebiscite. The Junta approved the plebiscite and the city registered 9316 votes in favour and only 4 against. »
« Your efforts to address your emotional deficiencies will enable you to lay the foundation for respect and acceptance of yourself. »
« Immediate acceptance: "You're right. I understand your point of view. It won't be repeated. »
« In modern states, this force is exercised through the community's acceptance of a body of law that regulates the actions of individuals. Each citizen of a modern state agrees to fulfil certain duties in accordance with a set of organised rules: a national constitution, a body of rules called criminal law, civil law, etc. »

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