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Example sentences and phrases with the word acceptable and other words derived from it.

« The idea of doing nothing was not only perfectly acceptable for children, but a precept to be observed on Sunday by young and old alike. »
« There was never a time when it was socially acceptable for an elite woman to be alone in public in classical Athens. »
« In The Birth of Venus, Botticelli pushed the boundaries of Renaissance art (and what was culturally acceptable to his contemporaries) by glorifying not only the beauty of the human body, but openly celebrating the sexuality of Venus. »
« A patchwork of peace treaties across most of Europe had established the principle of princes determining the acceptable religion within their respective territories, but these treaties in no way represented anything recognisable today as 'toleration' - in fact, all parties believed they had exclusive access to spiritual truth. »
« Also, many works that were clearly outside the acceptable bounds of legal publication at the time (including both direct attacks on Christianity and fraud, as well as an outrageous amount of pornography) were published and smuggled into places like France, England and Prussia from underground publishers. »
« Liberation was as much about breaking social mores as it was about effecting political change. For example, the idea that it was perfectly acceptable to live with a romantic partner before marriage went from being a fringe, "bohemian" concept to one that was widely accepted. »

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