7 sentences with 'accepted'

Example sentences and phrases with the word accepted and other words derived from it.

« If he transgressed a school rule, he accepted the punishment without question. »
« Nevertheless, in 1989 I accepted an assignment to cover the expected fall of Kabul, the capital of Afghanistan, after the Soviet withdrawal. »
« So, while exploring Detroit, Henry had accepted an offer of employment with the Edison Illuminating Company. »
« Henry eventually accepted the fact that the company really needed a new car. »
« Rolando Mahilum returned home before dawn and accepted the sad news of her daughter's death as God's will. »
« I gratefully accepted an offer to teach creative literature for $3600 a year, at Penn State, and there I stayed for a dozen years, and duly moved up the modest salary ladder; I wrote novels and raised three children; I learned a great deal about the use and abuse of English. »
« Having accepted the commandments, the Hebrews arrived in the region that was to become their first kingdom, Israel. »

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