9 sentences with 'accepting'

Example sentences and phrases with the word accepting and other words derived from it.

« The Stoics were one possible version of a philosophy that believed in the existence of fate, of accepting one's place in a larger scheme rather than resisting it, and also celebrated the idea that the rational mind was always more powerful than emotional reactions. »
« What these three schools of philosophy had in common, despite their obvious differences, is that they all represented different approaches to accepting the (political) status quo. »
« This legend is just that: a legend. Its importance is that it speaks of how the Romans wanted to see themselves as the descendants of a great man who took his birthright through force and power, accepting no equals. »
« Christian learning was a complex issue because, strictly speaking, spiritual salvation was thought to be available to anyone simply by accepting the basic tenets of Christian doctrine. »
« The European states also founded an intra-European economic body called the Organisation of European Economic Cooperation, which any country accepting loans was obliged to join. »
« There was no salvation in existentialism, but at least there was the possibility of embracing the human condition, of accepting the heroic act of choosing one's actions and projects in life without hope of heaven, immortality, or even being remembered after death. »
« The movement subsided at the end of June, with workers accepting major concessions from business owners in exchange for calling off the strike. »
« With this in mind, the legacy of the youth movement was profound. While no country in the Western world witnessed a true political revolution along the lines envisioned by the radicals of the time, there is no doubt that Western culture as a whole became much more accepting of personal freedoms, especially with regard to sexuality, and less puritanical and rigid in general. »
« Today I am more accepting of the changes that have taken place in my life. »

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