Sentences with 'accepts'

Example sentences and phrases with the word accepts and other words derived from it.

« Unfortunately, today's man demands little activity from his body; he gladly accepts all the conveniences of modern life - from lifts to go up and down floors to cars to get from one place to another - and does not realise that what he gains in comfort he loses in health. »
« Again, Britain provides the iconic example: the triumph within the Labour Party of a centrist faction that created "New Labour", a political philosophy that supports the welfare state but also accepts the position that the free market is the essential engine of economic growth. »
« In contrast, Don Page, Stephen Hawking's evangelist friend and collaborator, accepts the theory as entirely possible. "From the Judeo-Christian perspective, God creates and sustains the whole universe, not just its beginning. Whether or not the universe has a beginning has no bearing on the question of its creation". » - 1998 - 2022