7 sentences with 'accelerated'

Example sentences and phrases with the word accelerated and other words derived from it.

« I accelerated to full throttle and, when I had almost managed to turn, I realized that, dragged by the waters towards the bridge, we were going to hit the electric wires. »
« The unknown driver accelerated and approached the cyclist. »
« It was as if the Ferrari had accelerated to 135 kilometers per hour. »
« With the music blaring, Amy accelerated to 40 miles per hour. »
« As she accelerated again, David Milbrandt looked out the rear window and saw that Matt had lowered himself onto the trunk lid. »
« To get them even more excited, Tharakan accelerated to 110 kilometers per hour on a 90-kilometer-per-hour stretch. »
« The economies of Eastern European countries in particular accelerated, along with some unexpected Western countries such as Ireland (dubbed at the time the "Celtic Tiger" for its success in attracting outside investment by lowering corporate tax rates). »

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