7 sentences with 'visitors'

Example sentences and phrases with the word visitors and other words derived from it.

« Camping is prohibited, and regular visitors take guided tours. »
« But the island has its charm, and visitors can appreciate it if they let themselves be carried away by the spectacle of nature. »
« Tourists marvel at Manrique's work, and each year 1.4 million visitors come to the island, a third of them from Germany. »
« During that time, Constantinople was one of the largest and most remarkable cities on the planet, with half a million people and trading goods and visitors from as far away as Scandinavia, Africa and England. »
« The technology is secret, so visitors cannot observe it, but Kim explains to me the principle of how it works. »
« The governor's office was crowded with visitors. »
« We didn't want it to happen to us like some visitors to the Louvre Museum, who run like marathon runners towards Leonardo's Mona Lisa, and pass Rembrandts and Velázquez without seeing them. »

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