7 sentences with 'visited'

Example sentences and phrases with the word visited and other words derived from it.

« The full EC Commission visited the area in May last year. »
« Over the next few years I visited him wherever he was living, and many times in airports in the course of his trips to the Far East and the South Pacific. »
« He visited many places where war events took place and participated in numerous events on behalf of the commission. »
« On a trip to France he visited Maurice Hamonneau, the soldier who sent him his Croix de Guerre at the end of the conflict. »
« One day, Dr. Epstein visited the patient in her room. The little girl's head was tilted to one side, her mouth was open, and her face was swollen from the steroids she was given to reduce intercranial pressure. »
« Henry had visited the office of his friend Charles King - a horseless carriage enthusiast - and happened to find a magazine article on how a simple gasoline engine was built from start to finish. »
« While in the hospital, his friend Eric visited him often and was always warmly welcomed. »
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