6 sentences with 'visiting'

Example sentences and phrases with the word visiting and other words derived from it.

« I remember visiting him in June 1983, when he was in Pasadena to deliver a commencement address. »
« She was visiting her brother's photography studio on the sixth floor of a New York City building. »
« There are also tales of ghosts visiting their families. »
« "I will remember that place until the day I die," she wrote after visiting an orphanage. »
« Alexander the Great made a point of visiting the major Egyptian temples and paying his respects to the Egyptian gods (he identified the main Egyptian deity, Amun-Ra, with Zeus, father of the Greek gods), which undoubtedly facilitated his acceptance by the Egyptians. »
« While visiting Italy (which was now part of his empire), Charlemagne was crowned and declared Emperor of Rome, a title no one had held since the Western Empire fell in 476. »

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