8 sentences with 'visits'

Example sentences and phrases with the word visits and other words derived from it.

« True to his word, Dr. Epstein visits his little patients after they have gone home; he also attends their birthday parties and other celebrations, and their funerals should they die. »
« Mayor Lim, who visits her from time to time, believes she can hardly be a better teacher than she already is. »
« At our quarterly visits to the cystic fibrosis clinic, they measured her lung function, which at the time was 130 percent, well above average. »
« During one of her first visits with her baby, Lori carefully pushed aside the tangle of tubes and wires around her to hold her in her arms. »
« He visits hospitals, talks to everyone, identifies problems, finds solutions and is always improving the organisation. »
« Matti Romo, a 60-year-old man based in Helsinki, is one such travelling doctor. Once a week he visits each clinic, where hundreds of people wait patiently for a consultation. Most of them are women whose children suffer from malaria. »
« So effective was the system that more jeeps have been bought for the doctors' visits and donated to other Kenyan hospitals. »
« These emergency visits to the paediatrician were becoming a habit. »
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