Sentences with 'visions'

Example sentences and phrases with the word visions and other words derived from it.

« F. Hernandez, a physician to the Spanish crown, noted in the 16th century that, 'when the priests wanted to communicate with their gods... and to receive messages from them, they ate this plant to induce delirium. They were presented with a thousand visions and satanic apparitions'. »
« From each of the visions it is possible to rescue some aspects with which we agree and reject others with which we disagree. »
« In the fierce debate that erupted, the two sides articulated opposing visions of the American republic and democracy. »
« When the news reached San Francisco, most of its residents left the city and headed for the American River. By the end of the year, thousands of California residents had headed north to the gold fields with visions of wealth dancing in their heads, and in 1849 they were followed by thousands of people from all over the world. The gold rush had begun. » - 1998 - 2022