6 sentences with 'visible'

Example sentences and phrases with the word visible and other words derived from it.

« To become more visible, advises William Morin, ask to learn about other aspects of the business. If your boss says he can't spare you, suggest a "temporary exchange" with a colleague in another department. »
« The first results were visible after eight weeks. »
« The air bubbles visible when a block of ice is examined with the naked eye reveal ancient concentrations of pollutants, including two of the gases known as "greenhouse gases" for producing this disastrous ecological effect. »
« The spy insisted on going to more crowded and therefore more visible places, and took no precautions. »
« It was not just a matter of the emperors' self-congratulation, of showing off because they felt important; this was part of the symbolism of power, of reaching out to a largely illiterate population with visible displays of authority. »
« It was not until European powers began to break Ottoman sovereignty (a process that began in earnest with a huge Habsburg victory in 1699) that the real decline of the empire became visible. »
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