6 sentences with 'visitor'

Example sentences and phrases with the word visitor and other words derived from it.

« The specialist recognised the trapped whale: it was called Mallard, a frequent visitor to the area. »
« As the exhibitor was explaining the virtues of the water saving device to a visitor, she mentioned that it would save 95,000 litres of water a year. »
« Hawking explained to a visitor: "When we want to preserve something, we just photocopy the table. »
« There is no difference between the fossil forms dating back 150 million years and the present-day limuli. In addition to its shape, this true visitor from the past has two other very particular characteristics: its blood is blue (because it has a pigment other than haemoglobin) and it has three pairs of eyes, one of which, the lateral one, has an extraordinary similarity to the functioning of the human eye. »
« The visitor approached the board and climbed up a bit, but when he felt the cold November air coming through the window he backed away and started pacing around, shaking his head. »
« Until now, no foreign visitor had ever been allowed to enter it. »
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