6 sentences with 'threatening'

Example sentences and phrases with the word threatening and other words derived from it.

« Dylan looked up and saw fire coming through the crack in the doors and threatening to ignite the paper load on the dollies. »
« The most important and threatening frontier for Rome was to the north, on the east and north banks of the Rhine and Danube. »
« However, what made it even more threatening than Judaism was that Christianity actively sought new converts (i.e. Christianity was intrinsically evangelical, in stark contrast to Judaism which did not seek new members). Thus, the Roman authorities were already inclined to suspect Christians as potential agitators. »
« In general, the Turks lived on the western steppes (steppe is the term for the vast grasslands of Central Asia) and the Mongols on the eastern steppes, with the Turks threatening the civilisations of the Middle East and Eastern Europe and the Mongols threatening China. »
« In 1688, James's wife bore a son, threatening that a Catholic monarchy might remain for the foreseeable future. »
« The French Revolution was seen by the great European powers as threatening and, as it progressed and radicalised, morally repulsive, but at least it was largely confined to France. »

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