9 sentences with 'threats'

Example sentences and phrases with the word threats and other words derived from it.

« Afterward, she received countless threats over the phone: "If you testify, you're dead." »
« They faced increasing threats on the Roman frontiers, as Germanic tribes made repeated (and often successful, at least temporarily) incursions into the north and a new Persian dynasty known as the Sassanids pressed against Roman territory in the east. »
« In time, these larger and wealthier groups coalesced into forces that posed serious threats to the Roman frontiers. »
« As the quality of Roman leadership declined and the threats worsened, the results were predictable: Rome lost battles and territory. »
« Finally, the eastern Roman Empire enjoyed a stroke of good fortune in the threats it faced from outside the frontiers: the barbarians went west and Persia did not launch major invasions. »
« The eastern Roman armies had to fend off threats and hold the frontiers, but they did not face the overwhelming odds of their western Roman counterparts. »
« Byzantium's main problem was that it faced a seemingly endless series of external threats. »
« In 1534, as papal threats intensified over his impiety, Henry VIII issued the Acts of Supremacy and Succession, effectively separating England from the Catholic Church and founding the Church of England in its place. »
« There were ever-present threats in the lives of the social elites of the time: the threat of sexual impropriety, the threat of financial failure, the threat of public exposure of immoral behaviour, threats that were all linked to shame. »
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