7 sentences with 'threatened'

Example sentences and phrases with the word threatened and other words derived from it.

« When developers threatened this Spanish wildlife refuge, two men stood up to them. »
« The central theme among the great epic stories of Egyptian religion was that there was some order and harmony in the universe that the gods had created, but which was threatened by the forces of destruction and chaos. »
« For about ten years, the Macedonians bribed potential Greek allies, threatened those who opposed them, and launched attacks in northern Greece while the larger southern polis prepared for war. »
« In 494 BC, the plebeians threatened to simply abandon Rome, leaving it almost defenceless, and the Senate responded by allowing the creation of two officials called Tribunes, men drawn from the plebs who had the legal power to veto certain decisions made by the Senate and consuls. »
« Diocletian therefore went after the sects he thought threatened stability, including Christianity. »
« Thus, Christianity potentially threatened the hierarchical nature of Roman society. »
« In 1055, a Turkish group, the Seljuks (the same group that threatened Byzantium at the time), took control and did exactly the same thing. »

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