6 sentences with 'threaten'

Example sentences and phrases with the word threaten and other words derived from it.

« But these phenomena threaten human life above all: the number of deaths they cause is greater than those caused by tornadoes, hurricanes and floods. Lightning kills because it paralyzes the heart or the respiratory system with its electrical discharge, so powerful that it often detaches a person's shoe. »
« If you try to do so, we will attack you and your vehicles," they threaten. »
« Philip V's son Perseus ascended the Macedonian throne in 179 BC and, although he did not directly threaten Roman power, he succeeded in arousing the suspicions of the Roman elite simply by reasserting Macedonian sovereignty in the region. »
« These clan leaders feared that if Muhammad's message became popular, it would threaten the pilgrims who flocked to Mecca to worship the various deities: that would be bad for business. »
« Much of the survival of Luther and Protestantism is due to the simple fact that both the Pope and Charles V were reluctant to threaten Frederick the Wise, who was one of the electors of the empire and one of the most powerful nobles, essentially a king in his own right. »
« Its only major defeat during this early period was when it lost the ability to threaten Britain itself: in October 1805, at the Battle of Trafalgar, a British fleet destroyed a larger French and allied Spanish fleet. »

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