Sentences with 'threads'

Example sentences and phrases with the word threads and other words derived from it.

« Submission to alcohol threads epochs and continents: the orgiastic frenzy of the Carioca carnival or the indigenous rituals that culminate in formidable drunkenness refer more distantly to the alienation and total loss of consciousness into which the Egyptians fell thanks to a precursor drink to beer, zitus. »
« But there was still the problem of his PhD: he had to pull together the loose threads of his research into a worthwhile topic. »
« Two very thin liquid threads continually emerge from the lower lip of the silkworm, which solidify when they come into contact with air. In three days they make their silk house. »
« Metals are extremely useful because they are malleable (they can be reduced to sheets); they are ductile (they can be reduced to threads); they are tenacious (difficult to break); they are good conductors of heat and electricity; they are shiny. » - 1998 - 2022