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Example sentences and phrases with the word unified and other words derived from it.

« Each king had five names: his birth name, three related to his divine status and one related to the rule of the two unified kingdoms. One of the divine names referred to the divine kingship itself, temporally linked to the actual holder of that title: whoever was king at the time. »
« However, there is no historical or archaeological evidence to suggest a single unified religion in Israel or Judah during the period of the united Hebrew monarchy or the post-Solomonic division between Israel and Judah (the Hebrew Bible itself was written centuries later). »
« Although they did not represent a truly unified body of thought, the one common Sophist doctrine was that all human beliefs and customs were only habits of a society, that there were no absolute truths, and that it was therefore vitally important for an educated man to be able to argue both sides of an issue with equal skill and rhetorical ability. »
« The Celts were not a unified empire of any kind; they were a tribal people who shared a common culture and set of beliefs, along with certain technologies related to metallurgy and agriculture. »
« There was no sustained resistance to Christianity simply because "polytheism" or "paganism" was never a unified system, and it was impossible for people who worshipped a whole range of gods to unite "against" Christianity, especially when it was the official religion of the Empire itself. »
« After the rise of Christianity and the conversion of the Roman Empire, the idea of a single, unified empire of Christianity, 'Christendom', became central to the identity of Christians in Europe. Once Rome fell, this idea became even more important. »

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