6 sentences with 'uniform'

Example sentences and phrases with the word uniform and other words derived from it.

« MAY 23, 1997, 6 A.M. Don Beahm, 43, donned the blue uniform of the Portland, Oregon, fire department. »
« Strangers in uniform were rarely seen in these remote mountain areas. »
« Then Roger Lucy, an assistant to Taylor, dressed in the uniform of the Revolutionary Guard, appeared and subjected each of the diplomats to an interrogation. »
« Darius I also established a uniform bureaucracy and system of government throughout the empire to standardise taxation and make clear what was expected of the subject areas. »
« Undercover officer Walker thought a group of at least six policemen would be sent, but when he opened the door he saw only two men in uniform who looked at him in bewilderment. They expected the room to be empty, but there were the thieves! The briefcase with money hanging from the shoulder of one of the officers fell to the floor with a clatter. -Police! -they shouted. »
« As he lifted her off the ground, the old woman looked down at the hated uniform. »

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