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Example sentences and phrases with the word unification and other words derived from it.

« The Ancient Kingdom of Egypt came into being with the unification of Lower Egypt, where the Nile flows into the Mediterranean, and Upper Egypt, where the Nile flows into Nubia (modern-day Sudan). »
« Germany, of course, was not united; Prussia and Austria competed with each other for dominance of German lands, but both were fundamentally conservative powers that did not become interested in "German" unification until later in the century. »
« The nucleus of Italian unification was the kingdom of Piedmont-Sardinia, a small kingdom consisting of a large island in the Mediterranean and a piece of land wedged between France, Spain and the Austrian-dominated northern Italian states. »
« In turn, the most intelligent and important of his ministers was Count Camillo di Cavour (1810-1861), the true architect of Italian unification. »
« Cavour's plans for a united Italy led by Piedmont did not include the south, which like most northern Italians he despised. Thus, in a real sense southern Italy emerged as the unfortunate loser of the unification wars, even more so than Austria. »
« The term "cultural struggle" itself comes from Germany. After German unification, Otto von Bismarck led an officially declared cultural struggle - a Kulturkampf - against Roman Catholicism, and later, against socialism. The term lends itself, however, to a number of conflicts that took place in Europe (and America) at the turn of the century, the most important of which had to do with feminism and the legal and cultural status of European Jews. »
« At the same time, there was a comparatively weak liberal movement in Germany because most German liberals saw the unification of Germany as a triumph and held Bismarck in high esteem, despite his arch-conservative character. »
« With the Congressional System a dead letter after the Crimean War, and with the wars of Italian and German unification demonstrating the stakes of intra-European conflict, all the major European powers jockeyed for position on the world stage during the second half of the nineteenth century. »
« Also, the wars of national unification were relatively short and did not involve a great deal of bloodshed (by the standards of earlier and later wars). »

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