9 sentences with 'unifying'

Example sentences and phrases with the word unifying and other words derived from it.

« Posing as a unifying force above the strife of petty politics, Louis Napoleon was genuinely popular across class and regional lines throughout France. »
« In Prussia, it was a Cavour-like but far more memorable official, Chancellor Otto von Bismarck, who was personally responsible for unifying Germany for the first time. »
« Bismarck had no master plan for unifying Germany. His aim was always to maintain or, preferably, increase Prussia's power (in that sense, he was very much like Cavour in Piedmont-Sardinia). »
« During this time, the Nazis sponsored a large-scale attempt to recreate German culture and society to correspond to their vision of a racialised, warlike and 'purified' German nation. They claimed to have launched a 'national revolution' in the name of unifying all Germans into a Volksgemeinschaft: the community of the people. »
« More importantly, by partially unifying Einstein's General Theory of Relativity and quantum theory, Stephen Hawking took the first step towards finding the Holy Grail of contemporary physics: the Theory of Everything. »
« Simon Jenkins of the Sunday Times wrote: "I find myself utterly bewildered. All this summer, a book by a 46-year-old mathematics professor, which tackles the problem of unifying relativity theory with quantum mechanics, has been on Britain's bestseller list in the essay category. A Brief History of Time has been reprinted five times, and 50,000 copies of the hardback edition have been sold. It is truly impressive. »
« While searching for the unifying theory of the laws of the universe, physicists realised - hypothetically - that the quarks inside the proton sometimes transform into leptons, causing the proton to disintegrate. But then this should have been going on for billions of years, and since matter is still abundant - although it is not known for sure if it is as abundant as it was then - the theory would be wrong. »
« Latin, the language of the Church, served as a unifying factor for a continent of isolated regions, each with its own dialect; in the early Middle Ages, nations as we know them today did not yet exist. »
« After the death of the Prophet Muhammad in 632 CE, Islam continued to spread rapidly across North Africa, bringing not only a unifying faith but also a political and legal structure. »
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