5 sentences with 'uniforms'

Example sentences and phrases with the word uniforms and other words derived from it.

« Armies were not only larger, but better disciplined, trained and "standardised". For the first time, soldiers received standard uniforms. »
« Napoleon's own intellectuals (i.e. the officers who bought the supplies) bought French army uniforms from the British. »
« The fascists organised themselves into paramilitary units of thugs known as the Blackshirts (after their party-issued uniforms) and engaged in open street fighting against the Communists, breaking strikes, attacking Communist leaders, destroying Communist newspaper offices and intimidating voters in Communist-leaning neighbourhoods and communities. »
« All the prisoners wore pressed and new uniforms. »
« On the battlefield, armies dressed in bright uniforms to advertise their bravery and lack of fear. They stood in close formation and exchanged volleys with the enemy. They often feared their officers more than the enemy. »

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