8 sentences with 'organised'

Example sentences and phrases with the word organised and other words derived from it.

« For the Universal Exhibition to be held in 1889, a competition was organised for the construction of a tower that would be a masterpiece of the mechanical industry. »
« The Mesopotamians also created systems of writing, organised religion and literature, all of which would come to have an enormous influence on world history and, in turn, on Western civilisation. »
« 3. Crop irrigation, which occurred in an organised way sometime around the same time in Mesopotamia. »
« The existence of a priesthood and an organised cult at Çatal Höyük is surprising, because it means that people were systematically trying to understand how the world worked. »
« Their bureaucracies were not large or organised enough to easily handle large populations, and rebellions were frequent. »
« That said, by the time of the Middle Kingdom, there was an organised and fortified military presence on all of Egypt's borders, with a particular focus on Nubia and 'Asia' (i.e. everything east of the Sinai Peninsula). »
« Over time, they sent out annual military expeditions and organised conscription, sending out large standing armies of native Assyrian soldiers who went out each year to conquer more territory. »
« According to Roman legends, the Etruscans ruled the Romans from sometime in the 8th century BC until 509 BC. During that time, the Etruscans organised them to fight as a phalanx in the Greek lines. »
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